Workshops on Commedia dell'Arte

1 - 30 Oct 2012
various schools in Singapore

This form of theatre originated in Italy in the 16th century and quickly spread all across Europe, playing a crucial role in the development of Western theatre. Playwrights who have been influenced by this style include Shakespeare, Moliere and Goldoni to name just a few. It is still popular today and can be found appearing even in movies and on TV.

The main features and tasks of this workshop on Commedia dell’Arte are: - the role of stock characters, the use of mask, mime techniques, lots of humor, appealing to audiences of all ages. - group work, body break out, body mastering, expressing feelings, space mastering.

As this form of theatre uses a great deal of movement and mime, language is not such an important factor, making this ideal for students who come from different language/cultural backgrounds.

These workshops are of flexible duration with possibilities ranging from a few hours, to one day up to several weeks. Optional: after at least a one week workshop there could be a public performance to demonstrate all the skills achieved through the course. Workshop director will be Marco Luly, artistic director from “I Luoghi dell’arte”, Rome, and actor.

Workshops on Commedia dell'Arte
Workshops on Commedia dell'Arte