Sabrina Zuber
Photo courtesy of Anne Valluy

Sabrina Zuber
Founder & Director

Sabrina has significant experience in arts management in both museum environments and cultural organizations. She has a proven record of design, development and management of successful cultural programs and dynamic artistic events in Singapore and, previous to her arrival to Asia, in Italy (her home country), France and Germany.

Sabrina holds a Master Degree in Event Management from the Strasbourg Graduate School of Management (France), and a Post Graduate Degree in Foreign Literatures from the State University of Florence (Italy). She is also an enthusiastic soprano singer and graduated in Vocal Performance with London College of Music in 2008.

An active operator of the international cultural scene in Singapore, Sabrina strongly believes in the importance of cross cultural encounters to achieve global understanding. She is deeply committed to share and promote the interaction between Individuals and the Arts, with the goal of exchanging and expanding the links between European and Asian cultures.

Her commitment to the Arts is nurtured by years of developing varied artistic events with the aim of broadening the performing art scene; by regularly setting innovative arts workshops, training and educational programs; and by establishing long term relationship with institutional, corporate and colleague partners.