Letter to Juliet

1 - 4 Oct 2014

'Dear Juliet, A pox on all husbands!'

Literature teacher Hermione teaches her teenage students about the strong women in Shakespeare's plays, but she seems unable to emulate these wonderful female characters in her own life, as she faces daily slights and insults from her insensitive, chauvinistic cold of a husband Leo. All she can do is complain of her misery in a never ending letter to Juliet. Will Hermione ever gain the gumption to stand up for herself? Will Leo learn a lesson? Come watch 'Letter to Juliet' to find out!

Through a mix of famous classical opera extracts as well as some acting, “Letter to Juliet” offers a story which portrays heroic women, from classical literature to real life. The play is a delightful journey through the past, which arouses emotions and strong feelings and highlights the timeless values of love and courage, through beautiful music.

It is a tribute to all women who have to fight difficult situations at least once in their lifetime. In support of the worldwide Month of Breast Cancer Awareness, part of the net proceeds from the box office will be given to the Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore, in honor of those women who fight in the hope of winning over their disease.


Playwright & stage director: Hemang Yadav

Music programme advisor: Dr.Thomas Manhart

Music Direction: Vincent Chen

Darren Guo

Sherylin Tan

Angela Cortez

Reuben Lai

Satsuki Nagatome

Melvin Tan

Sabrina Zuber

from 1 to 4 October, 8pm The Chamber @ The Arts House

tickets on sale from 1st September

www.bytes.sg or hotline: +65 6332 6919

Letter to Juliet
Photo: Anne Valluy
photo: Anne Valluy
photo Anne Valluy
photo Anne Valluy
photo Anne Valluy
photo Anne Valluy
photo Anne Valluy
photo Anne Valluy
photo Anne Valluy