Scents of Josephine

27 - 29 Apr 2017

In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy Singapore and part of Voilah! French Festival 2017

I shall dance all my life. . .. I would like to die, breathless, spent, at the end of a dance. (Josephine Baker, 1927) 

A new Bellepoque production, Scents of Josephine, is an exploration of the multicultural life of African American jazz icon and civil rights activist, Josephine Baker, through the lens of four female performers. Intrigued by what they know of Josephine, these artists discuss her life journey alongside theirs, accompanied with her signature tunes in both English and French. The play is a celebration of the scandalous, innovative and daring dancer-singer who shook Europe and the rest of the world from the 20's and up till her death in 1975; it also questions the struggles of an artist - and especially one of colour- and how these issues are relevant to us in this day and age.

Based on an original play by Marc Goldberg, the show features an multinational cast:

Andayoma, jazz singer

Sharon Frese, actress

Caitanya Tan, actress-singer

Sabrina Zuber, classical singer

Stage direction by Samzy Jo

Music Direction & piano by Dr Robert Casteels

Viviane Salin, violin

Balraj Gopal, Guitar

Tickets on Sale from March 15:

Scents of Josephine
Scents of Josephine
Credit: Anne Valluy
credit: Anne Valluy
credit: Anne Valluy